What’s In My Aeroplane Bag?


Is there anything worse than trying to fathom what exactly you’re going to need on the plane for your trip away? Will I get bored? What if the flight is delayed and my phone dies? Will I get pulled up for something at the security check that’s hidden in my bag, even though I strip searched it 10,000 times before I even packed anything inside it? I talk you through what exactly I keep in my aeroplane rucksack and why it’s always best to pack lightly.



Obviously. You’re going to need this if you’re going overseas. Very important documentation. Remember to keep it safe for the duration of your holiday!

Boarding Passes


You won’t get on the plane without them! Make sure you keep these safe too. Most airports now offer an electronic service when it comes to boarding passes meaning you can use your phone instead of a paper version. But, if you want to be super duper careful (like me) you can print off a copy as well just to be on the safe side.

Spending Money – Both GBP and Alternatives

I always try and take a few pounds as well as my overseas currency with me on holiday, as I don’t like to spend my holiday money at the airport before I fly. Again, keep it safe! You don’t want to lose that before you get there!

Travel Wallet

Because what’s more organised than owning a travel wallet? This wallet comes with a section for all your important bits and pieces, from your passport to your spending money. Ideal for keeping everything safe in one place, and gives you one thing to grab from your bag as you’re leaving the plane and entering border control at your destination.

Portable Charger

I cannot think of anything worse than for your phone to die whilst you’re on your flight. A portable charger is ideal for providing a bit of extra juice for any electronic device you have and is a godsend if your flight is ever delayed. I would strongly recommend this one from Amazon. Don’t forget the charging cables!



ESSENTIAL. Why not download a movie or a couple of episodes of a new series to watch on the flight to pass the time? Or, if you just want to kick back and relax, put on your favourite playlist and watch the clouds go by.

Earphone Splitter


Are you travelling with a companion? Why not share a movie, music, or a TV show together? You can pass the time together rather than isolating yourselves!


Who doesn’t love a game of Uno? I swear by this game. It’s an easy to play card game that will absolutely pass the time. You’ll be there before you know it!



I fill this with movies, TV shows and games before I go on holiday. I like to have a variety of things to do when I’m on the plane and don’t ever want to be stuck doing one thing. I always make sure the Kindle app is downloaded and ready to go, just in-case I don’t pick any holiday reading up at the airport before we take off.

A Small ‘Holiday Purse’

In this, I pack my debit card (can never be too careful), my driving license, and a couple of euros so that I can tip the taxi driver once we get to the hotel. I can then put my holiday spends into my purse on a daily basis from the travel wallet, rather than carrying lots of money around with me.

And that’s it! Don’t over-pack your hand luggage, especially if it is a rucksack or tote bag. I squash mine underneath the seat in front of me on the plane so that I have access to everything in flight, rather than having to keep on getting into the overhead lockers. Or, you could even put in some heavier items of clothing such as shoes into your hand luggage to free up more suitcase space!

Another great thing about not over-packing your hand luggage is that you can fill it with tasty snacks and drinks at the airport shop! I always make sure I buy a big bottle of water for when I get off the plane, and some hard boiled sweets to prevent that god awful ear pop on take off. Plus – if you buy too many souvenirs you have space to stuff things into without adding extra weight to the hold luggage.



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