6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Amsterdam

Around one-third of Amsterdam’s central neighbourhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Siteamsterdam-2799491

The protected area consists of the cities famous 17th-century canal belt which houses over 1000 national monuments, including Westerkerk, Anne Frank Huis and FOAM.

It is home to the worlds only floating cat shelter


On the Singel canal, you can find the only floating cat shelter in the world, which is housed within a modified houseboat. The sanctuary has looked after stray and abandoned cats since the 60s and is always open to donations to cat-lovers!

Most of Amsterdam sits below sea level


Many parts of the city are built upon artificial islands as much of it lies several metres below sea level. For example, Centraal Station stands on top of three manmade mounds that were reclaimed from the River IJ in the later 19th century.

 Every citizen gets a funeral


If somebody in Amsterdam dies without any family, friends or acquaintances they won’t leave life without a proper funeral. This is all thanks to a funeral director, Ger Frits and the Dutch poet, Frank Starik who have made it their mission to ensure even the cities loneliest people get a good send off.

You can find parakeets flying around local parks


Vondelpark has a large population of both parakeets and the larger Alexander Parakeets, so you are most likely to meet a few here. Whether the birds were released into the wild or escaped still remains a mystery.

Snack walls are a thing


When walking through Amsterdam you will see snack walls. These walls have small windows, each of which has a snack behind it. You can try things from a typical Dutch “kroket” or a hamburger from the wall. The food is fresh and warm – all you need to do is insert the cash!


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